If you are looking for a basic strategy for playing Baccarat, or the best strategy for playing Baccarat, then we have great news for you — there really is no strategy that you can apply to Baccarat. So if you’re a Baccarat beginner you don’t have to worry about making any big mistakes — Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games out there.

In reality, you only have one decision to make — choose the player’s hand, choose the house hand, or bet on a tie.

You also need to know the probabilities — which are that the house will win 45.84% of the time, and the player 44.61%. Therefore, 9.55% of the time you will see a tie.

When you bet on the house, the advantage is 1.17%, while with the player’s hand the advantage is 1.36%. It is a very small difference in odds of course — in short, if you bet $100, you will receive either $98.64 or $98.63 depending on who you bet on.

Although there are no strategies that you can apply in Baccarat to increase your chances of winning — there are methods that allow you to increase your level of ENTERTAINMENT, which is betting on trends or patterns. Let’s talk a little more about it.

Baccarat: Betting Strategy For Trends

This is something really simple and fun — you bet according to the trend you see happening.

Of course, there is no REAL trend — but this shouldn’t stop you from having fun while you bet.

For example, a tie is the best bet to make in terms of payout. Count the spaces between ties, and start studying if you identify any patterns there. There isn’t of course — but doing it is more fun.

If you lose — well, you’re sticking to a betting pattern and it shouldn’t affect you. But what if you win? Then you feel like a fucking genius.

Can You Count Cards In Baccarat?

If you can count cards and win doing it, then you can apply it to Baccarat. It is more complicated than doing it in Blackjack, but it is possible.

Normally you would be looking for low cards that would favor betting the Player, and then high cards that would favor the house. At no time should you aim for a tie when it comes to Baccarat Card Counting Strategy.

You should bet the Player hand when there is a fair proportion of low cards in the deck, and the complete opposite when it comes to the house hand — bet when there is a fair proportion of high cards in the deck.

These days it’s practically impossible to count cards due to the software and hardware that casinos use — but hey, we don’t know, and if you’re ever on a cruise ship you’ll notice that they’re not as demanding as the casinos in Las Vegas.