Matthew Fox Promo 16.jpg

Matthew is proud to use and endorse the following excellent pieces of gear. Tremendous thanks to the companies who've shown such wonderful support over the years.


L>R: Asher Electro-Hawaiian Junior; Big Hollow 00 (2011); Fender '52 Reissue Hot Rod; G&L ASAT Custom Classic; Langejans RGC-6 (2004); Martin D16M (1987); National Reso-Phonic Style O (2004); Baritone with TV Jones pickups; Carr Rambler; PRS Mira (2009); Reverend Six Gun LE; Rickenbacker Ace (1948); Squier Stratocaster (Japan 1983) with Fralin Split Blades; Chambers SG Signature; Deering Boston B6; Flatiron A5 (1993); Lazy River "Weissenborn"; Silvertone(1950s)