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Matthew Fox is a guitarist and songwriter whose Georgia and Texas roots run deep. He has steeped himself in a variety of styles from acoustic blues to swing and his acclaimed originals are rooted in the great Texas story-song tradition. Matthew has appeared on stages, radio programs and at workshops throughout the US, United Kingdom and Scandinavia and has just released a full-band CD of all-new, all-original songs to follow up his previous 3 releases, "Pilgrim" (2002), "Tall Tales & Plain Lies" (2004) and a self-titled solo EP (2006). Matthew is a proud endorser of Big Hollow Guitars, Diamond Bottlenecks, Elixir Strings and G7th Capos.

The new CD, "That Crooked Stage", is available now at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and you can listen on Spotify!!

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For tour dates and more info, visit me on reverbnation.

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That Crooked Stage

by Matthew Fox